Devotional: How To Hear From God

How to hear from God.

Here are my tips on how to hear from God:

  1. Pray

When you pray to God, be honest and open. If you are struggling with anything, let God know that. Ask Him questions, and just talk with Him. I also try to pray throughout the day but here’s a tip that I shared with my podcast listener: pray while you are brushing your teeth because you have to brush your teeth twice a day for two minutes. So just pray to God while you are brushing your teeth, when you are driving (be sure to focus on the road still), or write down your prayers. Just be sure to pray everyday!

2. Reading The Bible

If you haven’t heard from God in a while, have you been reading His word? Reading the Bible is one way that God speaks to us. So be sure to read it most everyday (I didn’t say everyday because life is busy) but make time to read His word. God speaks through His word, so have you been reading it enough to hear from Him? If your answer is no: start today!

3. Sit still and listen

Just relax your thoughts, get in a nice and quiet place, and just listen for God. One way God always speaks to me is when I am laying in bed at night trying to sleep because I haven’t been sleeping well so I just relax my mind and let God speak to me. If you haven’t been hearing from God, have you been listening? If not, spend time just listening to God.

God loves to speak to His children so spend time praying, reading your Bible, and listening for God. In God’s own timing (not your timing) God will speak to you and in His own way.

Those are my three tips and tricks, I hope you enjoyed!


Dear God,

I pray that as I start to pray, read your Bible, and listen for you that you speak to me. I believe and know that you will speak to me. I have faith and trust that you will. I will wait for you to speak to me in your own timing and not my own. I pray you let the Holy Spirit into my heart so I can hear from you. I pray you grab my hand and help me through life. I can’t do life without you Lord so be close by my side. I put my faith, hope, and trust in you. I love you Lord and I can’t wait to hear from you.

I thank you for all my many blessings and for Your Son.

In Jesus’s name, I pray, Amen!

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Thank you so much for reading! I love you all❤️

-xoxo Caty❤️