List Of Things I Have Learned Through An Extremely Difficult Time (When I Was Depressed)

This is a list of things I have learned even through an extremely difficult time.

I hope you enjoy!

  1. Never EVER stay with someone who treats you badly. Even if you think, “he used to be so sweet,” “it will get better,” “it’s not that bad.” Well IT IS BAD! Anyone who treats you less than you deserve and makes you cry. LEAVE THEM!

2.  Nothing is permanent. The season change, circumstances change, your feelings change.        So just know that things may be terrible but they will change.

3.  Suicide is NEVER THE ANSWER! People love you, you have a purpose, you matter, people will miss you, and things will get better. So please don’t give up!

4.   Enjoy the little things in life: someone telling you that you look pretty, a fresh pot of coffee, your cat cuddling with you, etc.

5.   Know you are worthy of love. You deserve people in your life who bring you joy and treat you right

6.   No matter how depressed you may feel, always get out of bed, eat, shower, and take your medicine.

7.    “Your feelings aren’t facts.” – Richard Earl Lyle (my dad)

8.   Take care of yourself. Relax, read, and enjoy your day. But remember self care is doing the things you don’t want to do like: taking a shower and getting out of bed.

9.   Never cut your hair when you are sad. (You will thank me for that one later)

10.  Go outside everyday, it’s a beautiful world out there!

11.   Even when you are depressed, don’t push away the people you love, be mean, and don’t bottle up your feelings.

12.  Use healthy coping skills when you are sad.

Do NOT: selfharm, overeat, etc.

DO: read, write, talk about your feelings, etc.

13.   Just enjoy every moment!

14.   No matter how you feel: do your chores, do your school work, get dressed, and kick butt. It will make you feel better I promise.

15.  Be kind to everyone but take no shit! Always stand up for yourself.

16.  Always help people but never put someone else before you and making it negatively affect your mental health. Take care of YOU!.

17.  Love yourself before you start dating anyone.

18.  Despite whatever life throws at me, I know I can overcome, I will be okay, because I am a strong fighter. And you are to babe!


I hope you all enjoy! I love you all❤️

-xoxo Caty❤️