Devotional: Burnout


Verse: “God says, ‘I have given rest to the weary.'” Jeremiah 31:25

Do you feel exhausted? Barely making it through each day? Tired, worn out, and just unhappy?

If you are feeling ANY of those things, you have come to the right place, and that place is: at the feet of Jesus. Jesus can give rest to the weary. He can give strength to the weak. Jesus is here to help you.

When I got back from my trip from staying with my granddad, I was exhausted and felt burned out. But after sleep a while, resting, and resting in God’s word. I started to feel better. It’s easy to get burnout. But you just have to take the time to rest, sleep, and rest in God’s word.

No matter what your circumstances are: you can find hope, peace, rest, and love in Jesus. How? Just simply pray for it. Talk to God. He wants to be there for you. He knows your pain and struggles. He wants to love, comfort, heal, and help you. All you have to do is go to Him and He will wrap His arms around you.

Heaven rejoices when one of God’s children (aka YOU) comes to Jesus. So come home to Jesus! He will give you what you need. He loves you and is here for you.

If you feel burned out? That’s okay, because we are running into the arms of Jesus!


Dear God,

I am exhausted and I feel burned out. I am running into your arms. I pray you give me your rest as I rest, sleep, and read your word. I believe in you. I believe you love to give your children rest. I know I am your child. I know you will give me rest. I thank you for hearing my cries. I believe you will do what I have asked. I thank you for your love, goodness, grace, and rest.

I thank you for Your Son and for all my many blessings.

In Jesus’s name, I pray, Amen.


Hey beautiful! I hope you enjoyed this! I hope you have a wonderful day! I love you so much!❤️

-xoxo Caty❤️