Coping Skills That Has Helped My Mental Health

Coping Skills That Helps My Mental Health

As someone who has been diagnosed with bipolar type one, major depressive disorder, general anxiety disorder, and social anxiety. I have tried and used many coping skills. Here are the skills I use daily that help me:

1. Crocheting

Crocheting has helped me so much! I make blankets, hats, scarves, and doilies. It’s really easy to learn and you can do it sitting on the couch. Really fun and helps with my anxiety.

2. Writing

I LOVE writing! I love to write: Christian Devotionals, Nonfiction, Poetry, YA Romance, Christian Fiction, Christian Nonfiction, and NA romance.

You can find all my book on my Wattpad account which is:


I also love to journal my feelings which has also helped me with my mental health.

Writing is my passion and I love to it. I am currently in college studying writing and English.

3. Reading

Who doesn’t love to read a good book? I love reading YA Romance books or Christian Nonfiction book. Reading really helps me take my mind off my problems.

4. Watching TV

I love to watch funny shows like: “The Big Bang Theory,” “New Girl,” and “Baby Daddy.” I also watch with my family: “NYPD Blue,” “Forged In Fire,” and “God Friended Me.”

Just pick you a show and start watching! I also love to crochet while I watch tv!

5. Playing my piano and singing

I LOVE to sing! It’s one of my passions. Playing the piano and singing is so much fun and so relaxing. So if you love music, give it a try! My Dad and Sister play the guitar but I prefer the piano.

6. Petting and playing with cats.

My cat Little is my therapy animal. I love to pet and play with him. If you live alone and have the money, get a pet! They are so worth it. My cats bring me so much joy!


Hey everyone! I know it’s been a while since I have posted. I hope you all haven’t forgotten about me!❤️

Comment below what you would like to me post about: mental illness, chronic illnesses, writing tips, or just whatever you would like to read!

I love you all❤️

-xoxo Caty❤️