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Check out the book I am writing, here’s what it is about:

“Nicky, you can’t have some knight in shining armour promising to save you. You have to save yourself. You have to choose to recover and choose to get better. You have to accept your anorexia. You have to fight for your recovery. You have to love yourself enough to save yourself Nicky.”

Nicky Jones is a high school English teacher. She loves drinking coffee reading and writing. She has a passion for teaching children. She does struggle with an eating disorder called anorexia. Then we meet Luke. Luke is a grumpy high school history teacher. Luke teaches Nicky how to truly love someone. Luke shows Nicky that she is worthy of love. But Nicky has a choice to make. She can either continue to starve herself then end up in a mental hospital with a tube down her throat. Where she can start eating and choose to get better. She has to choose to fight for her life. Nicky has to save herself. Luke chose her that she needs to fight.

Will Nicky decide to save herself? Or will she let anorexia ruined her life in death? Or will Nicky learn to love herself and save herself? Will Nicky finally love herself?

This is loving Nicky.

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