I graduated college with my associates in English and it’s my 24th birthday 🥰👩‍🎓💗

Today is my birthday and I graduated ASU Beebe with my associates in English🥰💗👩‍🎓

Hey everyone so I wanted to tell you all but I would have said at my college graduation if I would have been asked to speak a speaker. If you would have told me when I was 18 and I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. If you would have told me that my life just began I wouldn’t have believed you. Fibromyalgia felt like a Death sentence. But I’ve learned so much these past two years at ASU Beebe. I finally figured out what I wanna do for the rest of my life and I wanna be a high school English teacher. I didn’t believe that when I started college that I would finish. I thought I would drop out as soon as I got my fibromyalgia diagnosis during my first semester. I didn’t quit. I never will. I have worked my butt off to get to where I am today. I’ve put in the work I’ve put in the time and I’ve put in the effort. And you know what I’m actually pretty happy. I’m in the Honor Society. I’m graduating with my associates and going to my dream college. Turn get to be a teacher which is the career that I love and I can’t wait to start. So if you’re feeling like you need to give up I wanna tell you to hold hope.
Hold on to hope,
bad things will get better. Hold on to hope that this
too shall pass.
Hold on to hope that you will overcome this mountain. Hold on to hope
that your life is not over it’s just beginning.
Hold on to hope because tomorrow is always a
better day than yesterday. Hold on to hope because even if you feel like you’re drowning you’re still
walking in that’s what counts. You are alive
and you have a purpose. Don’t give up.
If I could tell my younger self one thing I would tell her to stop being so hard on herself and love herself. I would tell her to have hope that things will get better even when they seem at their darkest. I know that I can do this. And I know you can’t do so hold on and let’s celebrate this. I’m celebrating my birthday in my college graduation in one day. I’m doing pretty good I love you thank you for reading🥰💗

I love you all 💗🥰💜👩‍🎓

-xoxo Caty💗🥰💜❤️👩‍🎓